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Melissa Pfeister

Melissa Pfeister

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Melissa Pfeister is the founder of the health and wellness brand Stripped with Melissa and the host of the podcast Side Piece. Melissa is also a loving wife and a mom of two young kids. (Her life is a little bit crazy, but she loves every minute of it!)

Growing up in the Midwest and playing all-state basketball taught Melissa discipline, a love of healthy living, and a strong work ethic — values which she has always aspired to share with others.

Melissa started her first company, Naked Feast, in 2015 with the hope of encouraging others to build a positive relationship with food one bite at a time. Naked Feast was sold in more than 25 locations across the U.S., including Whole Foods Market and Equinox Health Clubs, and it even made its way into the sky on Delta Airlines.

Since launching Stripped with Melissa in 2020, she has helped more than 80 clients reach their goals — whether that be losing weight, creating healthy habits or simply wanting to look and feel their best. The best part? Helping others find their happiness and strength again. Melissa has a certificate in Nutrition Science from the Stanford School of Medicine.